Wetkeys Rugged-Point Keyboard

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Heavy-duty, Rigid Silicone, Non-stick Coating, 100% Waterproof

KBxxRC105SPi is a fully sealed industrial-duty keyboard featuring a permanent keyboard cover made from high-strength, medical grade silicone. Waterproof and immersible, it provides dependable protection from liquids, dust & debris, and can be fully sanitized for medical, laboratory or food processing applications.

It features an improved track pointer with left & right mouse buttons for cursor control & key response that's easy to use with gloves or wet hands, unlike touchpads which can be challenging when the keyboard gets wet or if the user is wearing heavy latex gloves.

This new waterproof keyboard model is more space-efficient and lighter weight than other industrial keyboard designs and is a complete all-in-one solution for medical rolling carts and laboratories or workstations where space is at a premium.

Fully sealed and available in black or white with 6' USB cable. 1-year warranty.

  • Industrial Grade silicone keyboard with fully integrated track-pointer for mouse control
  • Easy to clean, dirt and chemical-resistant smooth surface with non-stick coating
  • Fully sealed, dustproof, liquid-proof and washable - minimum IP 66 / NEMA 4X resistance rating
  • Ergonomic 105 key layout includes media controls and standard 10-key pad
  • Center track-pointer for left / right handed users
  • Keyboard ON/OFF switch for easy cleaning without disconnecting the keyboard making procedures like "Spray-Wipe-Spray" even easier.
  • Ideal for industrial, manufacturing, laboratory, medical, food safety, and more
  • Meets infection control protocols for frequent chemical disinfection

  • Along with cost-efficient, water and dust-resistance, the Industrial Silicon Rubber key switch technology bears keys that are comfortable to the touch
  • The USB interface allows easy connectivity with your Desktop Computer
  • Quickly and easily connect with the desktop computer