Wetkeys Flex Touch Keyboard

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An industry first, WetKeys' own high-quality solid silicone waterproof full-size keyboard with touchpad is fully sealed, washable, flexible and rated for medical or industrial use. It's easy to clean & disinfect, reducing the risk of cross-contamination and is ideally suited to industrial computing, medical mobile carts and food processing workstations. Our lowest cost model with built-in touchpad is half the cost of a typical industrial keyboard yet notably higher quality than other flexible silicone keyboards on the market. Black. (USB only - not available with PS2)

Key Features

  • Industrial and Medical Grade Silicone Keyboard with Touchpad (cursor control)
  • 103 key standard QWERTY layout with 10-key number pad and media buttons
  • Smooth surface coating that is easy to wipe clean with less lint or residue, liquids bead up
  • Fully sealed, permanent keyboard cover prevents hidden contamination
  • Waterproof, spill-proof, dirt & dust-proof, rugged and chemical-resistant
  • Flexible keyboard design can be rolled for travel and portable use with USB mobile devices
  • Accurate touchpad with left & right click buttons eliminates the need for a separate mouse
  • Large, full-size keys for improved accuracy and comfort
  • Keyboard ON/OFF switch for easy cleaning without disconnecting the keyboard making procedures like "Spray-Wipe-Spray" even easier.
  • Ideal for medical and industrial computing workstations requiring daily wash-down
  • Meets infection control protocols for chemical disinfection (spray or immersion)

  • Fully sealed case features no seams or crevices
  • Integrated Touchpad with left & right click buttons
  • Non-stick, Easy-wipe coating
  • 103 keys including 12 function keys
  • 10-key numeric pad
  • Fade-resistant keys will not rub off with use or cleaning
  • Permanent keyboard cover - Meets infection-control protocols
  • Compatible with all Windows
  • operating systems
  • Plug-and-play setup requires no software installation or special drivers