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The new V7 64GB SDXC V10 U1 A1 CL10 UHD speed memory cards are ideal for DSLRs and HD camcorders with their high capacities and high speed data transfer rates to support 4K FULL UHD videos. These easily transportable memory cards are perfect for professional or personal use. Ranging in capacity - there's an option that fits your needs. Backed by a limited 5 year warranty these reliable memory cards provide peace of mind and freedom to transport your most precious data.

  • Durable impact resistant plastic housing, waterproof
  • High speed data transfer: Read > 90MB/s max, Write > 18MB/s max
  • Ideal to support 4K FULL UHD videos HD camcorders and DSLR cameras
  • New Speeds 90MB/s max Read to support 4K FULL UHD videos, V10, A1, UHS-1 ( U1 )