1U 19" Cable Management Organizer - D Ring Hook Network-Server Rack Cord Manager - Data Center Horizontal Wire Panel

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This server rack cable-management panel keeps your rack cables neatly bundled and guided, for tidier rack space. The 1U cable organizer features a combination of D-ring hooks and pass-through holes that enable you to run cables to and from your equipment through the panel and into the hooks.
Easily organize your cables for a more manageable server rack

The rack-cable management panel makes it easier to organize cables from the front or back of your server rack. It features five conveniently placed D-ring hooks that you can use to hold and guide cable bundles running vertically and horizontally. To bundle and route cables through the panel, the cable manager also features four holes designed to seamlessly route cables in and out of your rack.

1U design saves U space

This cable management panel saves rack space with a 1U design. Despite the panel's low-profile it still provides plenty of cable management, with a combination of five D-ring hooks and four cable holes.

Protect your equipment

Routing your cables through a panel reduces the tension that's often put on equipment ports, preventing damage to your expensive rack-mounted devices. Properly routing cables also improves airflow in your server rack, which helps to keep your equipment running at optimal temperatures to reduce the probability of damage caused by your rack overheating.

Note: Power cables may not fit through the holes on this panel.

The CABLMANAGERH is backed by a 5-year warranty and free lifetime technical support.

  • SAVE RACK SPACE: This 1U 19" Server/network rack mountable cable management organizer allows for organizing/routing cables within your rack; Low profile design leaving more room for equipment
  • MANAGE CABLES AND EQUIPMENT: D-Ring Hook Passthrough holes (with inner/outer diameters of 1.18/1.02in [26/30mm]) provide a clean and protected exit from the rack and keep bundles manageable
  • WIDE COMPATABILITY: Horizontal cable/wire/cord manager can be fit into any standard 19" 2 post or 4 post rack, and is easily mounted using the included M5 cage nuts and screws
  • TECH SPECS: 1U 19" Rack cable organizer
  • 4 x cable pass-through
  • 5x routing loops