Spracht Remote Handset Lifter

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Remote Handset Lifter is optimized for use with the Spracht ZUM DECT Headset and other phones with a handset with RJ11 jacks. Equipping your phone with the Remote Handset Lifter lets you answer and end calls when you are away from your desk with the touch of an on/off button on the headset. The handset lifter is easy to install and comes with attachment pads to attach it to your phone. The lifter includes a lifter cord; adjustable support bar; lifter arm; ring detection sensor; ring-detection, sound-level adjustment switch; and lifting height-adjustment lever.

More from the Manufacturer

  • Lifting height adjustment lever.
  • Ring detection sound level adjustment switch.
  • Lifter Arm.
  • Ring detection sensor.
  • Lifter Cord.
  • Adjustable support bar.