Rocstor Premium 20in Serial Attached SCSI SAS Cable - SFF-8087 to 4x Latching SATA - SAS-SATA for Hard Drive - 20in - 50cm - 1 Pack - SFF-8087 Male SAS - Male SATA - Blue SFF-8087 TO 4X SATA Cable

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Rocstor Premium 20in/50cm Serial Attached SCSI SAS Cable allows you to connect a SATA/SAS Controller to 4 SATA drives. The SFF-8087 to 4x SATA SAS cables has a 36-pin plug connector on one end, and 4 SATA 7-pin receptacles on the other end. An effective solution for connecting up to 4 SATA HDD's/SSD's to a SAS controller or backplane system. Backed by Rocstor Lifetime Warranty.
  • Allows easy connection between devices and helps transfer data quickly with accuracy
  • Features SAS/SATA cable type
  • Features Locking Latch