Mimo Monitors 10.1 Inch Wall Box for Vue Display

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Designed by Mimo Monitors for Mimo Monitors.

Form and function have never been more aligned than with our 10.1" Wall Box, specifically designed by Mimo to fit Mimo Vue displays. This sleek, black wall box will blend seamlessly into any environment. Its ultra-low profile design sits virtually flush with the wall, with only 2.5 mm outside the wall cavity. It is perfect for retrofit and new construction applications alike in a commercial setting or for smart home systems.

Installation is simple, with an easy one-cut, drop-in process; the mounting flanges rotate easily into position against the drywall. The in-wall box is spacious enough to hide additional electronics behind the mounted display. Engineered with high-quality metals, you can expect uncompromising strength, durability, and modern aesthetics.

Snap-on cover

On occasion, you may need to access the enclosed display, should you need to reboot, or remove the device altogether. The removable snap-on cover ensures easy, convenient access to the display while the snap fasteners keep the unit firmly in place at all other times. When the cover is in place, secured by precision fitted fasteners, you can enjoy full use of the display and touch functionality, while wires, cables, system ports, and other electronics are hidden from view. Simply unsnap the cover to access the tablet or hidden components or place additional electronics behind the device.

Portrait or Landscape Installation

Our in-wall display enclosure can be mounted in either portrait or landscape orientation to suit the needs of the application. Some apps such as reservation software are designed in landscape orientation, and videos playback works best in this format as does home automation software. Other apps such as meeting room scheduling or time card software are locked to portrait view. Mount your tablet enclosure in whichever direction best suits your needs.