Microchip Adaptec SmartRAID 3154-8i Single

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The 12 Gbps Adaptec SmartRAID 3154-8i RAID adapter has 8 internal SAS/SATA ports in a x8 PCIe Gen 3 low-profile, MD2 form factor. Microchip's industry leading Smart Storage stack delivers maximum reliability and best-in-class performance that all RAID levels come to expect, plus unique features like Mixed Mode support (RAID and HBA devices can be used simultaneously), adapter power management (reduces power consumption up to 30 percent), and Advanced Data Management (ADM) features that allow data migration from existing RAID arrays.

SmartRAID 3154-8i adapters include maxCache 4.0, and when coupled with 12 Gbps SSDs, provide maximum read/write bandwidth and IOPS as well as acceleration and latency optimization through caching. The SmartRAID 3154-8i adapters also integrate flash-based cache backup to enable instant cache protection. The tethered ASCM-35F capacitor module ensures data is safely backed up to Flash memory in case of power loss.

With broad operating system support and ecosystem compatibility, SmartRAID adapters are easy to implement and scale, and the unified maxView management tools and drivers across the Microchip HBA, RAID, and expander solutions enable easy manageability across the entire product line.

The SmartRAID 3154 RAID adapter is an ideal solution for high performance enterprise servers that require maximum connectivity and security.

  • Supports simultaneous use of RAID and raw devices (mixed mode)
  • Industry's lowest-power 28 nm SmartROC SAS/SATA protocol controller
  • RAID levels: 0, 1, 5, 6, 10, 50, 60, 1 ADM and 10 ADM
  • maxCache 4.0 caching software
  • Integrated flash-based cache backup to enable instant cache protection
  • 8 internal native SAS/SATA ports in low-profile/ MD2 form factor