Mellanox Passive Copper Cable, 200GbE, 200Gb-s, QSFP56, LSZH, 1m, Black Pulltab, 30AWG

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Mellanox® MCP1650 passive DAC cables provide robust connections for leading-edge 200GbE systems. These cables provide 200Gb/s connectivity between devices using QSFP56 ports.
Mellanox's LinkX 200GbE passive DAC cables fill the need for short cost-effective connectivity in the data center. Passive copper cables require no additional power to ensure quality connectivity. Mellanox's highquality solutions provide a power-efficient replacement for active power connectivity such as fiber optic cables for short distances.
Optimizing systems to operate with Mellanox's LinkX 200GbE passive DAC cables significantly reduces power consumption and EMI emission.
Rigorous cable production testing ensures best out-of-the-box installation experience, performance and durability.
  • Halogen free
  • RoHS compliant
  • Tested in an end-to-end system
  • performance
  • Low insertion loss
  • Ultra low crosstalk for improved
  • 4x 50Gb/s PAM4 modulation
  • Compliant with SFF-8665
  • Up to 200Gb/s data rate
  • Supports 200GbE Ethernet