Mad Catz B.A.T. 6+ Performance Ambidextrous Gaming Mouse

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Mouse design finally gets an upgrade with the B.A.T. 6+ Performance Ambidextrous Gaming Mouse. A hypercar classic, the side vented design encourages airflow and helps keep you moving. The true ambidextrous design accommodates every gamer and playing style. And you can easily create your perfect grip with the adjustable palm rests and side skirts. With included Mad Catz Cyborg Engine software, this mouse is fully customizable to fit your needs, including setting hot keys and macros, creating up to five loadout profiles stored on the mouse, and more. Multi-button functionality lets you take control of your gaming experience with 10 programmable buttons. An adjustable DPI button lets you increase or decrease the DPI instantaneously, up to 16000. The patented DAKOTA™ Switch gives you near-instantaneous response times that are 60% faster than traditional mechanical switches. This advanced switch also gives the B.A.T. 6+ an industry-leading 60-million click lifetime.

More from the Manufacturer

  • Adjustable side skirts accommodate a variety of grip styles including grip, claw or finger-tip
  • Adjustable DPI - up to 16000
  • Adjustable palm rests - create the perfect grip or swap them out entirely to fit any hand size or grip style
  • Store your favorite 5 user profiles on mouse using on-board memory
  • 60-million click lifetime for long-lasting gameplay
  • Multi-button functionality for maximum precision and control with 10 programmable buttons
  • Mad Catz Cyborg Engine software lets you customize your settings - set hot keys and macros, create loadout profiles and more
  • True ambidextrous design accommodates every gamer and playing style
  • Side vented design encourages airflow
  • Patented DAKOTA™ Switch - accelerates the response time to only two milliseconds, 60% faster than mechanical switches