Laplink Easy Transfer Cable

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The Easy Transfer Cable for Windows is the fastest tool to connect PCs and transfer the files, settings, and users from an old PC to a new PC. No other "easy transfer cable" works with Windows 10. The Easy Transfer Cable speeds up the transfer of to a new PC.

  • Connect and Transfer: Connect the Easy Transfer Cable to the Ethernet ports on both PCs. Then move data from an old PC to a new PC.
  • Easy to Use: When your computers are connected, use the included license of PCmover Express to start transferring data and settings to your new PC.
  • Complete Selectivity: Select which files and settings to transfer. Nothing is overwritten on the new PC, and nothing is deleted on your old PC after the transfer.
  • Fast Transfer Speeds: Move large photo and video files at lightning fast speeds with the Easy Transfer Cable instead of using a slower network connection.
  • Multiple Uses: Use on devices with Ethernet ports. Also compatible with Internet of Things gadgets and many gaming devices.
  • Laplink Money Back Guarantee: Contact our customer support team within the month for a full refund directly from Laplink if you are not completely satisfied.
  • FREE 24/7 Transfer Assistance to ensure your PC is set up quickly and easily!