IRIS Iriscan Pro 5-High-Performance Duplex Desktop Scanner

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The IRIScan™ Pro 5 is a multi-functional duplex color scanner with ultrasonic feature. Thanks to its amazing value-for-money software suite, it offers small businesses and independent workers a powerful tool to improve their productivity, allowing them to save precious time in their administrations tasks:
Scan any type of document - Contracts, invoices, receipts, bills, business cards and even plastic cards like Identity cards, insurance cards, credit cards... can be scanned in a single click at a very high speed (23ppm).
Convert any paper document, PDF or image into digital files that can be edited, indexed and shared - Thanks to the included Readiris™ Corporate OCR software, scanned documents can be converted, edited, hyper-compressed (thanks to iHQC™), and sent directly to the Cloud (SharePoint®, Google Drive™, Evernote®, Box, Skydrive™, Dropbox). Paperless is the word!
Scan, recognize and manage their business cards - Thanks to Cardiris™ Corporate, users get rid of their cumbersome paper business cards and keep their electronic contacts up-to-date in their favorite Contact Manager (Outlook®, Act!®, etc.) or in the Cloud (Google™ Contacts, Salesforce™, etc.). 10 business cards stack at once with up to 40 business cards per minute

  • Automate scans to cloud Services (MS SharePoint®, Therefore™, Dropbox, Box, One drive®, Google Drive™ and FTP), update up to 40 Business cards/minute to MS Outlook, Microsoft CRM and, scan receipts to PDF, MS Word, MS Excel, Tiff, JPG, BMP and many more output format, scan ID Cards, Credit cards, embossed plastic cards in jpg or BMP in your FTP Server
  • Smart task Button manager: simply press a button to convert files in any format or even to audio format !
  • Scan up to 118" long (3m) documents such as receipts or technical plans thanks to "the long page mode"
  • Ultrasonic sensor: paper jams or double grabbing of your documents: those will never be torn again!
  • AC powered and USB 3.0 compatible
  • Convert your documents to audio .wav files and listen to them during travel.
  • Extended software suite included: Readiris Corporate: Scan your documents to Word, Excel®, PDF, or .wav files to listen to!
  • Cardiris Corporate: Recognize your business cards - Manage your contacts
  • IRIScompressor Pro: Create up to 20 times smaller PDF' from any image or PDF files
  • Button manager: Configure up to 9 different automated workflows