APG Vasario Series Cash Drawer Replacement Key| for 542 Code Locks | Set of 2 |

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Set of keys includes 2 keys with the 542 code. It will work on all 542 locks. for the Vasario Cash Drawer. Master Key.
  • APG CASH DRAWER: APG Cash Drawer manufactures cash drawers and other related point-of-sale equipment. APG has built a reputation as the supplier of choice for retail, grocery, convenience, hospitality, and quick-serve environments throughout the world.
  • CASH DRAWER SECURITY: APG's 542 Key Replacement provides reliable replacement keys that will work effectively to ensure cash drawers are locked securely.
  • QUICK AND EASY SWITCH: This set of two spare keys are perfect for businesses with multiple people in management. Provide each manager with a personal key to avoid slowing down transaction times.
  • LOCKTYPE: The APG Cash Drawer VPK-8K-542 Key Set consists of Two keys that work on 542 locks, and is compatible with APG's Vasario Series Cash Drawers.
  • REPLACEMENT KEY: Set of two replacement keys. Suitable for APG point of sale cash drawers that temporarily store money.