AMX Acendo Vibe ACV-5100BL Bluetooth Sound Bar Speaker - Black

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The Acendo Vibe 5100 is an expertly designed web conferencing sound bar with integrated camera. Featuring a wide-angle, 110° field-of-view camera; sound by JBL; far-field microphone array; echo cancellation; ambient noise reduction; Bluetooth® and USB connectivity; and a look that enhances modern workspace architecture, Acendo Vibe supports the high standards of today's workforce.

See and hear everyone in the room, thanks to Acendo Vibe's wide-angle camera, integrated JBL speakers, far-field microphones, and digital signal processor (DSP) algorithms. Echo cancellation and ambient noise reduction eliminate distracting background noises.

HDMI, USB and Bluetooth® connectivity support Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) environments as well as integration with Acendo Core for an enhanced and intuitive room collaboration experience. CEC display control turns the display on or off in response to triggers. Acendo Vibe's dedicated audio inputs and outputs can be used to integrate additional technology such as hearing-enhanced systems.

Common Applications
With the trend toward open working environments, small meeting spaces are becoming more and more important. It is critical these spaces be well suited for quick, intuitive collaboration, so as not to interrupt daily work flows. BYOD meeting spaces often lack technology, which translates to a group huddling around a laptop and trying to hear, and speak, using the laptop audio and video (which is really meant for an individual rather than a group). With a very reasonable entry price, and low total cost of ownership, Acendo Vibe is ideal for any collaboration space, and can even be incorporated into small spaces without plans for technology.

  • Sound by JBL - Hear everything in the meeting with speakers, microphones, and DSP algorithms from JBL.
  • Wide-Angle Camera (110° FoV) - The wide-angle camera means that everyone in the room can be seen, including those people sitting close to the display. This makes Acendo Vibe perfect for small rooms where the table is near the display.
  • Far-Field Microphone Array - Ensure everyone is heard.
  • Echo Cancellation - Delivers crisp audio eliminating the potential for echo.
  • Ambient Noise Reduction - Eliminates distracting background sounds like HVAC.
  • Elegant Design - Modern office environments are designed to attract and retain the most talented employees through the use of elegant interior design and the use of tactile materials, such as fabrics. Acendo Vibe is built using high-quality materials and is available in colors which complement interior design.
  • CEC Display Control - Acendo Vibe will turn the display on and off in response to triggers, making it even easier for users to get started with their meeting. For example, by plugging a laptop into Acendo Vibe, the display will turn on and show the laptop content. Because this is all done with CEC, there are no additional cables or programming required.
  • USB and Bluetooth Connectivity - Use Acendo Vibe in BYOD applications with a user's laptop or mobile phone, or use it with Acendo Core to create a complete, highly optimized meeting solution.
  • Remote Control - Control volume, mute, source and call control-all from the table
  • Integrated Mounting Bracket - The integrated wall mount facilitates installation by a single person. This mount allows customers to connect and route all the cabling with Acendo Vibe on the wall and then simply rotate Acendo Vibe into position.

  • The AMX ACV-5100BL Soundbar allows you to add booming, energetic sound to your existing home entertainment system
  • Experience breathtaking sound from movies, music, podcasts, games wirelessly from any of your Bluetooth enabled device while working at your desk or relaxing in your couch
  • Route your music to your tablet, iPad, smartphone or PC with these Bluetooth compatible Sound Bar Speaker
  • Charge your gadgets on the go with the integrated USB port