AddOn Fiber Optic Network Cable

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This is a Mellanox® MFS1S00-H001E compatible 200GBase-AOC QSFP56 to QSFP56 active optical cable that operates over active fiber with a maximum reach of 1m. At a wavelength of 850nm, it has been programmed, uniquely serialized, and data-traffic and application tested to ensure it is 100% compliant and functional. This active optical cable is TAA (Trade Agreements Act) compliant, and is built to comply with MSA (Multi-Source Agreement) standards. We stand behind the quality of our products and proudly offer a limited lifetime warranty.

  • Low latency DSP-free electronics-based
  • Support InfiniBand HDR
  • Data rate: 53.125 Gb/s per lane
  • PAM4 modulation
  • BER of 1�10-15(with FEC)
  • Single 3.3 V power supply
  • Low power consumption: 3.6 W per cable end with CDR enabled
  • Up to 25m length
  • SFF-8665 compliant QSFP56 port
  • SFF-8636 compliant I2C management interface