4XEM 6-Pin PS-2 Female To USB Male Keyboard-Mouse Adapter

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The 4XEM PS/2 device to USB 2.0 Adapter features a durable 6-Pin (PS/2) Female connection to a USB-A Male connection, allowing you to connect a PS/2 keyboard or mouse to a computer through a USB port. The PS/2 to USB conversion abilities of this product allow for easy plug in and unplug use without rebooting. A high-quality build ensures long lasting use. For a male PS/2 to female USB connection, see our reverse model, 4XUSBFPS2M.
Convert your PS/2 devices to USB ports with 4XEM's PS/2 to USB Adapter.
Lifetime Warranty

Problem it solves: It still happens - a legacy PS/2 connection needs to work with USB. This adapter has you covered.

More from the Manufacturer

  • Use a PS/2 keyboard with a computer that only has USB ports
  • PS2 to USB Adapter / PS2 Keyboard to USB Adapter / Keyboard PS2 to USB
  • Guaranteed reliability with a lifetime warranty; Rohs Compliant
  • Connect a supported PS/2 keyboard to the USB port on your computer
  • 4XEM unmatched lifetime warranty
  • Life Time support