4XEM 2 Port HDMI 4K Splitter

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4XEM 2x2 Port HDMI Switch/Splitter 4K/2K 3D

Split, switch and amplify your HDMI signal with the 4XEM 2x2 Port HDMI Switch /Splitter (4XHDMI2X24K).

Switch betwen two inpur source devices and send the signal simultaneously to two displays. No setup or special configuration is required, simply connect the input device(s) and output device(s) then start enjoying the view.

The 4XEM 2x2 HDMI switch/splitter/amplifier has an automatic adjusting amplifier. This allows the use of longer cable running to the unit.

4XEM gear is respected industry wide for its high performance, premium quality and our after sales support.

  • Use this audio video switchbox and eliminate the need to manually switch cables between sources
  • Trouble free connection with display
  • Enjoy watching any class of content on 3840 � 2160 resolution